Research and Organization Updates

Draft of Techno-Licensing Paper is available and further developments on organizations

1. Research Updates

1.1. Techno-Licensing Paper

The draft for part 1 of the techno-licensing paper is done. Part 1 of the Techno-licensing paper provides a literature review and synthesis of research pertinent to music licensing and automated applications thereto.

Part 1 particularly describes the research questions and goals for the study, a literature review and synthesis of legal, music business, and automation approaches relevant to music licensing, a legal primer, a licensing primer, and a description of relevant technologies.

You may find the draft by clicking here or entering the link into your search bar:

From everyone at Ledgerback, thank you to Charles Adjovu and Ewa Fabian for your work on this paper and for adding new research into the music licensing and emerging technologies literature.

2. Organization Updates

2.1. Network Expansion

The preparations are set for expanding Ledgerback into two organizations, Ledgerback Sage Cooperative and Ledgerback Maker Cooperative. Ledgerback Sage Cooperative will be the knowledge arm of Ledgerback and will conduct the following:

  • Manage and operate journals and publications;

  • Create research and educational materials

  • Provide research assistance services

  • Collect and archive research and educational materials

  • Develop and coordinate an analyst network

  • Communicate original and third party research in DOTS to the general public

  • Host events

  • Coordinate and collaborate with researchers and research organizations

  • Provide data visualization, analytics and exchange services

  • Support and promote DOTS-thinking and -communities

Ledgerback Maker Cooperative will be the innovation arm of Ledgerback and will conduct the following:

  • Develop and implement DOTS-oriented models

  • Prototyping ideas (taking ideas from Proof-of-Concept to Minimum-Viable-Product)

  • Provide DOTS-consulting and -assistance services

  • Work on developing DOTS-related software, organizations, funds, etc.

2.2. New Member

We have a new member joining us!

From everyone at Ledgerback, we would like to welcome Jack Smye to Ledgerback as a Trial Member!

Jack Smye is a Masters student at the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University. Jack’s research explores the socio-political potential of blockchain to establish new forms of social and economic communities and organizations that will push alternative finance and governance models.

Jack has an extensive background with cooperatives, having worked with multiple cooperatives in the past in Canada.

Jack Smye’s research at Ledgerback is expected to cover Distributed Governance (DGov), Organizational Models, and Platform Cooperativism.