Research Analyst Position

Interested in exploring the frontiers of Collective Action and applying Web 3 Infrastructure? Ledgerback is actively hiring.


Ledgerback Commons Research Cooperative (“Ledgerback”) is seeking a research analyst candidate to join one of our six research programs, with the opportunity to become a member-owner of Ledgerback.

Ledgerback is a distributed research, innovation and education center for collective action and commoning in the contexts of emerging technologies, data sovereignty, systems innovation, mechanism design, and the digital economy.

To better understand and advise collective action and commoning in the above contexts, we combine social and technical research with free and open source technologies (hardware and software).

Ledgerback conducts research in 6 research programmes:

  1. Solidarity Project

  2. Open Finance

  3. Platform Cooperativism

  4. Cryptoeconomics

  5. Emerging Technologies

  6. Knowledge Commons

The Solidarity Project programme is focused on distributed governance, organizational technology, organization design, digital democracy, and other related topics.

The Open Finance programme is focused on alternative finance, decentralized finance, open finance, digital money, community currencies, social money, and other related topics.

The Platform Cooperativism programme is focused on cooperativism in the digital economy, data sovereignty, identity sovereignty, commons-based peer production, and other related topics.

The Cryptoeconomics programme is focused on cryptoeconomic protocols, mechanism design, game theory, data science, network analysis, systems innovation, and other related topics.

The Emerging Technologies programme is focused on blockchain use cases, proof-of-concepts, cryptography, applied technologies, and other related topics.

The Knowledge Commons programme is focused on open science, open data, open access, knowledge infrastructure, peer production, scholarly commons, and other related topics.

Our main outputs are:

  • Original Research

  • Commentary

  • Guides

  • Courses

  • Toolkits

  • Reviews

  • Articles

  • Presentations

  • Infographics

Additionally, we also offer research services to the general public, as long as it falls under our focus and scope, and the research is generalizable to other contexts such that we can offer general templates to the public.

For more information about Ledgerback, please refer to our docs at

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Research Analyst, the candidate will be required to:

  • Undergo and complete a Trial Membership period

  • Collect, store and analyze data

  • Join a Research Programme

  • Collaborate with other members and/or collaborators

  • Communicate findings to the general public

  • Write articles, blog posts, research papers,  presentations, etc.

  • Assist members in offering research services to the general public

  • Basic programming in Python, SQL, or R

Background Knowledge

The candidate is expected to be aware of at least one of the following topics:

  • Blockchain technology

  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

  • Open Science

  • Distributed Systems

  • Applied Technologies

  • Decentralized Governance

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Distributed Data Storage

  • Common Pool Resources

  • Peer Production

  • Peer-to-Peer Networks

  • Web 3.0 Infrastructure

  • Platform Cooperativism

Skills Desired

The following skills will be helpful to a Candidate in this role:

  • Strong writing ability

  • Strong analytical ability

  • Ability to employ an interdiscplinary approach

  • Willingness to go out of your comfort zone

  • Basic Research Methods

  • Familiarity with Document Preparation Software

  • Basic Programming in Python or R

  • Copywriting

  • Basic Data Analysis

Time and workload management

Candidate should expect that their schedule will vary based on the demands of the Research Programme they have joined and if required, the need to assist on a client-based research project.

Candidate should expect to commit approximately 3 – 7 hours peer week to their assigned tasks and general assistance at Ledgerback.


Candidate’s trial membership will be evaluated by their assigned supervisor.

Candidate’s research will be evaluated by the research lead in their Research Programme.

Candidate’s overall performance will be evaluated by fellow members of the Cooperative.


Candidate is required to apply for membership to  Ledgerback, which may be accomplished by signing and dating the Membership Agreement, and sending such Agreement to


Candidate may receive compensation for this role based on:

  • how much funding Ledgerback can raise from external sources,

  • how much funding Candidate can raise for research, and

  • how much Ledgerback earns from offering research services

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume and any relevant work to

Contact Information

Please refer all questions, comments, or concerns to, and a Member should respond to your email within five (5) business days.

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