LDCRC March Updates

Trial Period Syllabus

The Syllabus is now at Version 0.7.

You may find it here and the Markdown Template version.

The Trial Period Syllabus is the knowledge requirement that trial-members (i.e., trainees) must complete before they can become an associate-member of the cooperative.

Trainee Marvin Roman has already started working on the Trial Period Syllabus.


The one-pager for Laplace is live!

You can find it here.

Additionally, you can find the GitHub repository here.

The Laplace project board will be updated sometime in the next 2 - 6 months.


Issue 6

Catch Distroid Issue 6 and get up-to-date on the NFT craze!


Charles Adjovu recently published “Thoughts on ‘How to Unlearn Capitalism through Cooperative Ownership’” in the Ledgerback Blog.


We held our Monthly Meeting on March 6th.

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Author: Charles Adjovu