LDCRC 2020-21 Roadmap: The Cottage


For our Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC) Roadmap for 2020 - 21, we have decided to discuss our specific end-goals in individual posts, centered on the development of certain projects and research objectives, throughout Summer 2020.

In this post, we will discuss the Cottage and our goals for it.


Member Services refers to the services or utility the Board at the LDCRC will provide to members as part of their membership.

For the next two years, we want to work on providing more services to members to make it easier for them to accomplish their own individual and DCRC-related goals and tasks.

The utility we seek to provide will be under a program we call the Cottage.

The Member Services the Cottage program may provide includes a library, academy, forums, and assistance.

Our goals for the Cottage program are to:

  • provide greater utility for members as they pursue their objectives;

  • make the DCRC a more appealing option for potential applicants (students, researchers, scientists, academicians, educators, etc.);

  • encourage members to fulfill their commitments;

  • aid in developing the DCRC as both an educational and research cooperative and a transdisciplinary research community;

  • resolve issues and pain points for members; and

  • raise awareness of the work being conducted in the DCRC.