LDCRC 2020-21 Roadmap: Philomath Series on XYZ


For our Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC) Roadmap for 2020 - 21, we have decided to discuss our specific end-goals in individual posts, centered on the development of certain projects and research objectives, throughout Summer 2020.

In this post, we will discuss our Philomath Series on XYZ** and our goals for it.


The Philomath Series on XYZ is a series of podcasts covering our work here at the LDCRC. The Philomath Series on XYZ will be a podcast series covering three areas:

  • Conversations,

  • Musings, and

  • Calls for Interest.

First, the Philomath Series on Conversations will cover conversations with generally two or more speakers about themes and topics that fall under the DCRC’s focus and scope. We plan to mostly use the Philomath Series on Conversations for interviews and discussions with individuals and organizations in the network society.

Second, the Philomath Series on Musings will cover solo recordings with just one speaker, often a member, discussing a topic of their own interest.

Third, the Philomath Series on Calls for Interests will cover recordings attempting to raise awareness of research areas that may have fruitful applications, and possibly arranging contests for these further inquiries.

Our goals for the Philomath Series on XYZ are to:

  • generate and spread ideas, knowledge and research about topics relevant to the network society;

  • encourage greater discourse about the alternative movements in the network society by discussing the movements and interviewing with members of these alternative movements; and

  • raise awareness of the work being conducted in the DCRC.


**XYZ is a placeholder