LDCRC 2020-21 Roadmap: Infrastructure Transition

Part 2 of 16


For our Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC) Roadmap for 2020 - 21, we have decided to discuss our specific end-goals in individual posts, centered on the development of certain projects and research objectives, throughout April and May.

In this post, we will discuss our Infrastructure Transition plan and our goals for the project.


The Infrastructure Transition plan is our transition plan for moving all of our operational and collaborative infrastructure to free and open source technologies and cooperatively-run and -managed technology service providers.

Our current technology stack at the LDCRC are the following services and providers are:

  • Collaboration and Communication:

    • Slack

  • Journal Hosting

    • PubPub

  • Blog Hosting

    • Medium

  • Research and Software repository

    • Github

  • Task Management

    • Trello

  • Cloud Storage:

    • Google Drive

  • Newsletter Hosting

    • Substack

  • Collaborative Editing

    • Google Docs

    • Overleaf


As part of our mission, and pursuant to our principles and values, we believe we should work towards transitioning from our current technology stack to a technology stack that is more commensurate with our mission and principles and values.

A shortlist of technologies and providers we are considering for our post-transition technology stack are:

  • Blog Hosting

    • Publish0x

  • Collaboration and Communication

    • Keybase

    • Mattermost

    • Loomio

    • Collective.tools

  • Cloud/Data Storage:

    • Nextcloud

    • InterPlantery File System

    • DAT

  • Membership Accounting

    • ??

  • Members-only Materials

    • Unlock Protocol

  • Membership Identifiers

    • Non-fungible Tokens

  • Discussion Forums

    • Discourse

  • Research Documentation

    • Documents saved in:

      • Markdown (.md) Format

      • Semantic Web Formats

    • Data Analyses saved in Jupyter Notebooks and primarily Python (.py)

    • Data stored in Open Data Formats

Transition Plan

Our strategic plan for transitioning our technology stack is the following member-discovery approach (In this approach, members actively sense and find alternatives for use in the Co-op and present such alternatives to the Co-op for consideration and adoption):

  1. Research alternative technologies and providers that are inline with our principles and values

  2. Conduct a trial run of the alternative technology or provider

  3. Notify the Co-op of the alternative technology or provider

  4. Deliberate the merit of accepting or denying the adoption of the alternative technology or provider

  5. Either accept or deny the adoption of the alternative technology provider

Expected Timeline


  • End of Q4: Have a list of alternatives prepared and submitted for deliberation


  • End of Q2: Confirmed our list of alternatives and specific transition steps

  • End of Q3: Have a production-version of Laplace available for use by the public

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