LDCRC 2020-21 Roadmap: Growth Initiative

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For our Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC) Roadmap for 2020 - 21, we have decided to discuss our specific end-goals in individual posts, centered on the development of certain projects and research objectives, throughout April and May.

In this post, we will discuss our Growth Initiative and our goals for the initiative.


Our Growth Initiative is our plan to increase:

  • our Membership size;

  • our collaborative work;

  • the number of customers for our services; and

  • the number of volunteer opportunities available.

First, we are looking to increase our Membership size to at least 7 - 20 more members by the end of 2021.

The expected time commitment is as much time as the new members are willing to contribute. Ideally for new members, they will be interested in either starting or joining a research group.

Second, we will begin the process of finding more collaborative opportunities to work with other individuals and organizations which fall under the LDCRC’s focus and scope.

Third, we will be increasing our promotion and advertisement of our solutions to help others within our focus and scope with the skills and knowledge we have developed at the LDCRC.

Lastly, we will also be increasing our efforts to make more volunteer opportunities available to anyone who would like to work with our members on LDCRC-related research and projects.

Filling Vacant Roles

We are also looking looking for new members who could fill the following vacant roles:

  • Business Manager

  • Technical Researcher

  • Finance Manager

  • Web developer

  • Token Engineer

  • Network Engineer

  • Curriculum Designer

  • Course Designer

Regarding our research areas, we will be focusing on finding researchers and contributors to join the following research groups:

  1. Open Finance

  2. Cryptoeconomics

  3. Emerging Technologies

  4. Knowledge Commons