LDCRC 2020-21 Roadmap: Documentation and Website Updates


For our Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC) Roadmap for 2020 - 21, we have decided to discuss our specific end-goals in individual posts, centered on the development of certain projects and research objectives, throughout Summer 2020.

In this post, we will discuss our Documentation and Website Updates and our goals for it.


We plan to update our documentation for our organization model and our website.

The organizational documents are being updated to reflect our new-found understandings of the network society, and to further develop the DCRC as an education and research cooperative and transdiscplinary research community.

The organizational documents we plan on updating or creating are:

  • Operating Rules,

  • Strategic Document,

  • Organizational Model, and

  • Website.

We plan to update the Operating Rules to give working groups more power to conduct their own activities, greater clarity over the functioning of the DCRC, and to further develop methods for member participation in governance.

We plan to create a Strategic Document to describe the context of the DCRC, our strategic actions and goals, and how we plan to measure our progress on executing our strategies.

The Organizational Model will describe the transitory steps the DCRC can pursue to become an open and decentralized digital organization that is both a 1) transdisciplinary research community and 2) research and education center.

The Website is our official website, www.ledgerback.coop, and we plan to update the website to better reflect the DCRC as an educational and research cooperative and transdisciplinary research community.

Our goals for the Documentation and Website updates are to:

  • generate and spread ideas, knowledge and research about topics relevant to the network society;

  • provide a hub for knowledge dissemination and discussion about platform cooperativism and distributed governance and technology;

  • help visitors navigate and learn about the DCRC through the official website;

  • have the website represent the DCRC as a transdisciplinary reach community and research and education center;

  • make the DCRC a more appealing option for potential applicants (students, researchers, scientists, academicians, educators, etc.);

  • develop an organizational model for a networked-context that is democratic, transparent and accountable to its members while still advancing upon its objectives in improving the network society; and

  • raise awareness of the work being conducted in the DCRC.