Event Ideas

Writer: Charles Adjovu

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We want to know the kind of events (especially topics) you would like us to host or coordinate this year and in the foreseeable future.

Some ideas I have thought of for events we can host include:

  • webinars,

  • workshops, and

  • panel discussions.

Some topics I have thought of for speaker-led discussions include:

  • Blockchain applications in industry,

  • The rise of NFTs,

  • Designing platform cooperatives,

  • Data ethics and recommender systems,

  • The intersections of the counter-movements (e.g., platform cooperativism, Web 3.0), and

  • How terminology is defined in the counter-movements (e.g., the meaning of decentralization).

If you have any ideas on events we should host or want us to host an event on one of the topics above, please leave a comment or send an email to ledgerback@gmail.com.

Additionally, if anyone is interested in attending study groups or discussions on a topic, please leave a comment or send an email to ledgerback@gmail.com.

Charles Adjovu

Charles Adjovu is a member and managing director of the Ledgerback Digital Commons Research Cooperative. Charles’s work includes the Bikestream project, Alternative Governance Metrics Framework (aka DGSF), and the Blockchain-mediated Licensing: Legal Engineering for Artist Empowerment report.

Charles’s interests include blockchain applications, legal technology, citizens science, collective intelligence, data privacy and sovereignty, intellectual property, and platform cooperatives.

If you have any questions or comments for Charles, hit him up on Slack (@char) or on Discord (@char1).

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