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Our Introduction to Commons-based Peer Production (CBPP) Mini-course is now available on Speakerdeck!


  1. Peer Prediction Mechanism

  2. Decentralization: An Incomplete Ambition

  3. How to Build a Blockchain Lottery

  4. PolicyKit: Building Governance in Online Communities

  5. Blockchain as a confidence machine: The problem of trust & challenges of governance


  1. Garbage Crypto Product Dies Immediately After Launch

  2. YAM: An Experiment in Fair Farming, Governance, and Elasticity

  3. VeChain Launches Market Ready, Blockchain-Enabled Food Traceability Platform

  4. California Agency Backs Green-Energy Pilot Using RSK’s Bitcoin Smart Contracts

  5. Tesla Published Patent 'Generating Ground Truth For Machine Learning From Time Series Elements

  6. Much of Russia’s Blockchain Voter Data Is Now for Sale on the Dark Web

  7. The US Post Office Files a Patent for a Blockchain-Based Voting System


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You can always get involved in the DCRC by volunteering in our core activities or administrative activities.

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  • Submitting manuscripts on our open calls for papers

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