DGov Score Framework

Early Research on creating a point-based framework for distributed governance


The DGov Score is a further formalization of preliminary research conducted in Project Statis (under The Solidarity Project umbrella) during May - July 2019, and inspired by the DeFi Score by Consenys Researchers.

The DGov Score is a point-based analytic framework for evaluating the governance of blockchain projects relative to other blockchain projects.

The name "DGov Score" and the continuation of work from Project Statis was initially conceived on the DGov Foundation forums. You may find the DGov Foundation link below in references.

Initial Formalization

We have initially formalized the DGov Score into 9 categories, with components under each category:

  • membership (internal actors);

  • decision-making protocols;

  • governing bodies;

  • governance metrics;

  • binding documents, rules & regulations;

  • principles and values, vision, mission, and objectives;

  • external actors;

  • organizational structure (e.g., hierarchial); and

  • history.

Some of these categories overlap. If it is determined that the overlap is non-negligible, then we plan to remove the category.

An example of components under a category is provided below.

Example Membership components:

  • Joining and Leaving Process;

  • Rights granted;

  • Duties and Obligations;

  • Costs associated;

  • Membership Classes;

Eventual Goals

After formalizing the DGov Score framework, we intend to turn our findings into a full-fledged paper that should be easily digestible for others to use the DGov Score framework.

We expect the paper to go over our choices of categories and components, and a sample analysis of a blockchain project.


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