Cooperative and Web3.0 Synergies

Ideating on synergies between Cooperatives (Platform and Tech) and the Web3.0 Community to make progress on our shared principles and values and mission


This document is for jotting down possible opportunities where Web3.0 projects and Cooperatives (generally centered on tech and platform cooperatives) can come together.

Possible Synergies

You may find possible synergies we and other contributes have contemplated below.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave a comment on the specific synergy(ies).

  1. For Decentralized Applications (DApps), using cooperative web hosting and servers to host DApps

  2. OrgTech configuration package optimized for Co-operative governance, administration and/or operations (e.g., accounting configuration for internal member accounts and handling member and non-member transactions)

  3. Common property regime for Web 3 technologies by utilizing a cooperative as an intellectual property holding entity

  4. Consumer’s cooperatives offering a cash-back or rewards program for members in cry

For adding new synergies and comments to the list (and for future updates), please head on over to the HackMD document at

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