Bikestream: Databike Report

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well.

We finally have a working draft of our Databike Report chronicling the development, operation, reflections, goals and future prospects of our Databike Proof-of-Concept (PoC) we developed earlier this year.

The Report covers:

  1. Materials

  2. Building the databike

  3. Databike configuration

  4. Data collection, specifications, and sharing

  5. Operating the databike

  6. Additional sensors that can be added

  7. Issues

  8. Possible Improvements

  9. Future Proof-of-Concepts

  10. Sample Datasets

You can read the report in the Bikestream Github repository via the link above or by pasting the link below into your browser’s address bar.


For more information on the Bikestream project, please head over to the Github repository or read our short presentation on the motivations behind Bikestream.

If you want to get involved in the project or just set up your own databike, send an email to or fill out our team form.