Bikestream and DGSF updates and more!

Ongoing Research

Hi everyone! If you are looking for our ongoing research, please refer to the Ledgerback-DCRC’s GitHub repository.

The first PoC for Bikestream is completed!

We finally completed our first Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for the Bikestream project, the Databike Zeta 001 (DBZ-001).

The DBZ-001 lives up to our databike concept because the DBZ-001 is an electric-assisted bicycle (e-bike) that can store, manipulate, and share electrical and geolocation information via a single board computer (specifically, a Raspberry Pi 3 B+), and such data can be accessed via Streamr, a blockchain-based data sharing service on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can find an image of the DBZ-001 below!

For more information on Bikestream, head on over to the Bikestream GitHub repository.

We are updating our website!

We are revamping the website by adding additional pages other than the homepage so hopefully it is easer for eveyroen to understand the mission and work going on at the Ledgerback-DCRC and how to get involved.

The Distributed Governance Assessment Instrument is now available for testing!

We finally got the chance to make a working version of the Distributed Governance Assessment Instrument (DGAI) for the Intra-firm module of the DGov Score Framework. (DGSF). For those unaware, the DGSF is a theoretical and analytical framework for assessing distributed governance and digital organizations, with an emphasis on digital organizations in the Web3 space.

The DGAI is for assessing distributed governance practices in digital organizations (e.g., remote-only, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)) and generating a score (the higher the better).

You can find the DGAI by clicking here or inserting the link below into your address bar:


Additionally, for the most recent update to the DGSF, please refer to Evaluating For Distributed Governance in Internet-Native/Digital Organizations.

Looking for crossover ideas between Cooperatives and Web3?

Take a look at our Possible Synergies document by clicking here or inserting the link below into your address bar:


Also, if you are looking to put any of these ideas into action, please get in contact with us (^_^).

Looking for a place to publish your article on Distributed Governance or Platform Cooperativism?

If so, head on over to the Thinklusive Journal on PubPub and submit your article for our review!

A Short Reading List because we know you love to read

Other News

P.S. We are looking for a software developer who is familiar with blockchain, smart contracts, web development, decision analysis or intelligent systems, and is passionate about P2P/Commons or Platform Cooperativism.