3 New Articles on Thinklusive

Hi everyone!

We have three (3) new articles published on the Thinklusive Journal on PubPub we would like to inform you of.

The first article is DGov Score Framework Version 0.4. In this article, we discuss our fourth formalization of the DGov Score Framework, which incorporates four models:

  1. Organization Determination;

  2. Organization Dimensions and Classification;

  3. Organization Effectiveness; and

  4. Meta-score.

This formalization places a greater emphasis on whether DGov organizations fall under the Collaborative Organization IdealType (i.e., is this organization behaving more or less similarly to the generic community organization).

For background information, please refer to our first post on the DGov Score Framework.

The second article is Emerging Designs for Collective Governance. In part 1 of this two-part article, we discuss new mechanisms for collective action (i.e., collaborative governance) for voting, reputation, and decision-making.

We cover the following mechanisms:

  • Conviction Voting,

  • Quadratic Voting,

  • Holographic Consensus,

  • Sourcecred,

  • Integrative Consent-based Decision-making, and

  • Futarchy.

The third article is Our Submission to Nesta's Decentralized Future Prize Competition. In this article, we discuss our thoughts on the future of decentralized digital organizations (DDOs), especially in regards to our vision of inter-linked digital institutions and organizations as blockchain’s prominence as organizational infrastructure grows.