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We decided to make this newsletter to disseminate and discuss our thoughts, research and analyses with anyone who is interested in decentralized and open thinking and systems (DOTS).

The primary topics in DOTS we will be discussing in this newsletter are:

  • the blockchain industry;

  • federated social networks;

  • platform cooperativism;

  • data privacy;

  • decentralized finance;

  • open finance;

  • distributed governance;

  • peer-to-peer relationships; and

  • the decentralization spectrum.

Hopefully, you find our newsletter insightful, humorous (at times) and thought-provoking.

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Ledgerback Cooperative is a member-driven research, analysis and innovation co-operative for decentralized and open thinking and systems (DOTS).

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Charles Adjovu, Director & Researcher at Ledgerback Cooperative.

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